About Me

Welcome! I’m guessing you found your way here due to my book, Some Horrific Evening. If so, thanks for being interested in my book, and wanting to know more about me. The first thing you need to know: Maura Hartwell isn’t me. Seriously. We have similar names and some similar traits/stories, but she’s a fictional event planner, and I’ve never worked in event planning.

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  • First, you can listen to my Friends of Kevin radio show from about a year ago about my freelancing days.
  • You can also watch when I was on The Happiness Jungle with Lyn-Dee Eldridge, talking about my book writing, and my freelancing.
  • Want to see what I’m up to next? Stay tuned for news about my second book, tentatively titled “The Painting”, which is essentially “Sliding Doors” meets “Charmed” in a very brief nutshell.
  • Want to see what I’ve written in my full-time and freelancing writing careers? Check out my past and current work.
  • Want to dash a message to say “hi”? Contact me.