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Welcome to the world of event planning! You’ll encounter bridezillas, caterers and photographers who’ve gone rogue, and be possessed by ghosts. Hmm, about that last one…

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Maura Hartwell knew to expect bridezillas and rogue caterers, but certainly didn’t expect to be possessed by a ghost when she was planning her first ever fundraising event on her own in an old mansion that seemed oddly familiar to her.

However, when she and her team arrived to prep for the event, they wound up trapped. The doors and windows were locked; the walls started moving; and scenes from past events came back to life in front of their eyes.

Would Maura and her team get out alive? How was Maura connected to the events from the 1940s that are appearing around them and starting to affect the team?

The tragic love story from the past sparks a potential romance for Maura, but she’ll need to get out of the house alive first to have a future.

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